Thursday, January 29, 2009

"I Survived My First Week Of College"

Is there bumper sticker that says that???? I guess it would have to be more significant than just a week tho, right? Oooh, maybe there's one that says "My Professors Don't Hate Me...Yet"

Anyway, I did survive the week. BUT the real test will be surviving the weekend with the homework I've seemed to pile up in the last two days.. I told my dad about my 98pg reading assignment due on Tuesday and he goes "Welcome to College!" THANKS!(in the most sarcastic tone possible) My goodness! and that's only ONE of Two assignments for that class, and only 1 of my 5 classes... I have at least one assignment in each of the others. Can we say, "Hadassah is not used to this"? Altogether now, "Hadassah is NOT used to this." What a far cry from assigning myself projects and not having deadlines. BUT I will get through it, I'm determined, I just need to find myself a good assignment planner. I have no idea where tho. Any suggestions?

I also have mastered the bus routes between Hope's place and the campus, ok, maybe not mastered, but I've not gotten lost even once!! (I'm proud of myself!) Ooh, and I made two friends already! :) Needless to say, I've gotten a lot more out of this week than I expected!

On my way to Hope's tonight - on Cullerton between State and Wabash, under the "L" - I think this is beautiful.

Oh, PS. My Photo 1 teachers seem to be really cool. I figured out winding reels in like three tries, got my supply list and have my first assignment: shoot a roll of tri-x by next week. I have to buy a supply of that stuff because I'll be shooting about 2 rolls a week. I'll also need to stock up on paper. I'm excited tho! We develop next week!! :)


don said...

A fine street scene with a great color cast. Nice to hear you are "plunging in" with assignments and such. You'll get used to the deadlines. Your reports makes me wish I were back in school! :-(

Anonymous said...

your best source for tri-x is Central Camera....great store.

Laurie said...

So how did you manage with your assignments over the weekend?

Don't fret too much you will find a rhythm that works.

It's been years since I got my hands dirty processing film and prints. I can remember the smells so well.