Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Portfolio, HELP!

As I sit here reading a plethora of webpages explaining portfolios and reviewing professional photography, my thought's can't help but turn to my favorite reviewers. My everyday portfolio, my laid back, online, approach to photography presentation seems so simple and inadequate when compared to even the mental image of what it "should be". Tangible. Matted? in a case, or book? 8x10, really? Is this the only way to show my work?

I find myself thinking, why didn't you take a highschool course, Hadassah? Why did you have to despise that highschool so much?

I'm sure it would have helped, some darkroom experience, light metering how-to, an idea of what a portfolio would look like... But no.

I know I'll learn all this in college, and there are probably people who know as little or less than I do, I'm just not enjoying that feeling of not knowing what I'm doing.

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself (yes, I wrote the above yesterday, and I was being a bit moody).. Time to take charge and attempt to fix it! Therefore, My project this week is: put together a portfolio of 10 shots for orientation on Monday(Jan12th). So I'm going to ask of you, my lovely blog followers, to please give me an idea of what you interpret a portfolio as (preferably be from a photographer's perspective)? Most of you I know and respect, highly, so I'd really appreciate if you'd drop me a comment here or an email.

I wanna know what you do to make your portfolios successful. I know a few things from listening to a Columbia podcast and reading yesterday, like: it can be narrative, the photos should be organized, face to face and back to back; but what else should I know?


Sebastian said...

What do you want out of your portfolio? What do you want it to do for you? I haven't figured that part out myself but I have a hundred random ideas. Maybe one or two could help you to your goal.

don said...

I was going to email you but couldn't spot your address. When you have more time, add a high quality portfolio folder/book like one from http://lightimpressionsdirect.com. Obviously, select your most representative or favorite images and get them printed in the highest quality possible. Keep it simple but elegant! Let the pictures do the talking.
Sebastian makes a good point: make it directly focused on what you want it to do. Not much help here I fear, Hadassah. Best wishes though... don

Laurie said...

Hmmm...All I can say is with only 10 photos for your portfolio, I think I would be sure to show versatility and diversity. You don't want to be pigeonholed into one genre.

I have very diverse clients, everything from products, and artists, to architecture and landscapes, to portraits, anything from glamor, to casual, kids, executives, etc. oh and also some photojournalism as well and I wouldn't have them if I wasn't able to demonstrate my ability to be versatile in my work.

I have a large leather bound book type portfolio. It holds a lot more than 10, and they are large prints 10x15 on 16x20 high quality velvet fine art papers. They make smaller ones so so shop around to find what will work best for your needs. I would get one that is also it's own carry case with a handle for convenience. They are more costly but worth it and easier to handle.

Keep it simple by not distracting from the images with a lot of borders or captions, and no watermarks on the prints.

Good luck.

Chrissy said...

Hey Dass, well obviously I cant really help lol, cuz im kinda clueless about any of that. lol but! I know that your portfolio is gonna turn out looking amazing! I wanna know the pics you choose! Will you be posting that? Good luck with choosing your pics and putting it all together. It sounds like alot of work! Have fun tho! :) Ok. bye! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! :)