Monday, June 7, 2010

Bare Truths: Rules, What Rules?

I started out in this game completely organic. It was neither something I felt needed, nor required, boundaries. The rectangular frame was merely a box in which to house my creativity. Never did I imagine that it would become something which would slight me in one way or another.

I've been editing my heart out lately - trying to plow through events and projects. I've stumbled upon a few weaknesses, a few frequent weaknesses, which I'm happy to have noticed, but unsure how to fix. Composition/framing was not something that I really paid attention to until I got into college. I mean, a photography major should know how to frame a shot, right? But oddly, I cannot remember once hearing a teacher deliver a composition lecture, and now that I'm earning a living through photography, I realize that "um, duh, framing is a big deal!!" I mean, it's not like I am horrible at it or anything. I mean, I know the rules of thirds and whatnot, but what are the rules for composition? Are there specific guidelines I'm supposed to be following?

And corrections - color, exposure, black and white points? I know how to deal with such things, in a very textbook manner, but is it mandatory that I always edit "by the book?"

Often, I feel that a picture can do without an absolute black point. And maybe, every once in a while I'd prefer a few blown highlights... What if I want majorly low contrast? Is that such a horrible thought? A photo which has low saturation and high vibrance, coupled with low contrast and no absolute blacks. Can't we just call it vintage and leave it alone? Teachers say "no!", but what are your thoughts?

What do you think of the rules? Are they meant to be followed? Broken? What ARE they, anyway? What happened to creative license?

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