Friday, September 3, 2010

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Having been in summer school for about 8weeks, earlier this summer, I was really been out of the loop shoot wise. Most of the shooting I've done in those 8wks was with a view camera. Which I love that I've learned how to use, but am not in love with.

On that note, I will share with you my final project which, at the moment, is untitled, but I like the idea of calling it "Natural" or maybe "Organic" but I haven't decided. Feel free to suggest!

The concept was to break all the rules of the camera, while using the tilts and swings to throw everything else out of focus and focus on one specific point, the subject. The subject in this case being child body parts, ie. the chin, the arm, the hand, the elbow, ect.

I feel that I was able to execute my idea while achieving a certain organic feel. I also really appreciate the classic quality of the black and white film that I chose which was a very convenient choice, and cheap too, I'm not gonna lie.

Dad Update:
Dad's been doing really well - he had another heart procedure today and tho it was "a pain" to "roto-root" this last blocked artery and insert the stint, his body did VERY well! SO well, in fact, that they were able to go back and "fix" the artery which closed a couple days ago, during his first stint surgery - EXACTLY what we prayed for! God is good, all the time, "and He loves ME!" as my dad would gladly chime in! :) So, all's well, and Dad's coming home tomorrow - I'm sure he can't wait to sleep in his own bed and without IV's in both arms! :)

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