Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to School!

Hey guys, so I started school last week and on top of having limited wireless connection I've been trying to get my schedule down, so there's not been time to blog :( I am slightly disappointed in myself, because I said I was going to write frequently, but I'm excited because I have a couple of posts lined up for the week

Stay tuned!! It'll have been worth the wait!

On the school front, I'm excited to be a 2nd Semester Sophomore! Oooh, I'll be a junior next semester!! Yaaay!!

My semester includes LOTS of photo - Advanced Color, Digital 2 AND History of Photo 1839-1920! It's a lot of info to comprehend, but I'm enjoying it so far! I also have Culture Race and Media, which is proving to be an interesting class about how the media effects everyday life, and College Math... aye! but surprisingly, it's turning out to be a great class, despite the numbers involved.

Well, like I said, stay tuned! Photos are coming soon!

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