Monday, August 30, 2010

My weekend...

Well, J*s CreativeLIVE course is over and I'm slightly lost. Not sure what I should do right now, but I know I should be doing something. I think it's safe to say that making lists and goals is a good bet, but the CreativeLive course wasn't the only thing that occupied my weekend.

Yesterday, my dad went into the ER, and if you know my dad, you know that it's impossible to get him to do anything medical. My family is very faith based. We pray. God is our Dr. That is just how we work. Well, sometimes my dad needs to be reminded that God created Doctors and gave them the ability to help us, even if it's only so they can tell us what to pray for. Well, of course, my pops, not wanting to even go in, wanted to keep all of this on the DL as to not worry Esther or my little sisters. I know my writing this and posting it on the interweb is not exactly the DL, but y'all can keep a secret, right?

Well, anyway, continuing on with the story.. My brother, Jeremy, took my dad into the ER yesterday after church, to get checked out. They ran some tests and found high tropinin levels, which could be due to hypertension. Stress. My, oh my, big surprise! Not exactly, my dad takes care of everyone and everything. He's a pastor, it's in his job description! Anyway, he's was kept overnight so they could continue to monitor his heart and they did an angiogram this morning to check for a blockage. Some not-so-minor blockages were found, but he has one of the most qualified cardiologists going in and placing stints in the morning. So far, God is taking care of it, like He always does and will continue to do. HE is so good to us!

So, I'm sure you can understand that while I have all kinds of to-do list making thoughts and a desire to get things done, I'm also distracted by thoughts of my dad. What I can do to help him. What I can do to ease my little sisters' minds and fears. And also a bit of laughter at the fact that he's set up with his laptop and cell phone controlling his home computer remotely, so that he can continue to work.. My dad is ridiculous!

Anyway, prayers are much appreciated. Not only for my dad, but for the peace of the family, esp. my little sisters who are too young to really understand what's happening.

Thanks for your prayers!
Hadassah :)

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Hope said...

Praying, of course. Dad's always such a pillar...not wanting to be vulnerable even for a minute.

Assuming he actually BEHAVES when he gets out, I'm sure we'll all be laughing about this later.

As for the girls, bring them by again today and we'll give them the update. There's also a few good Yobo Tobo's on the subject - maybe show them. I say the best way to uproot fear, is knowledge!