Thursday, August 26, 2010

J* and the CreativeLIVE Experience

So for a couple of weeks I've been looking forward to watching a Wedding Photography course on CreativeLIVE. It's finally here, I'm learning TONS and I'm so excited about it!

Now before I go too far, I want to clarify what CreativeLive is for those of you who may not be familiar. CreativeLIVE is a site that brings industry expertise to students of the inter-web. Using UStream, the people of CreativeLive put together online courses for people who just genuinely WANT TO LEARN. Whatever it may be, painting, studio lighting, or in my case, Shooting a Wedding, CreativeLive probably has a course available, LIVE, for you to watch FREE. Think of that guy who teaches how to paint forests on PBS, it's like that but WAY more intense and educating!

Ok, so now that you have the back story let's have chat.

Jasmine Star AKA J* is an amazing, driven, fashionista, wedding photographer from Orange, CA, and to make a long story short, didn't have childhood dreams of being a photographer like a lot of us. She literally had a FULL ride to UCLA LAW school...oh my, I cringe at the thought! but really, so did she!... She dropped out of Law school and decided within 6 months after planning her own wedding that she wanted to capture life's miracles as a wedding photographer. Had never really shot, but she did it. Picked up and became a wedding photographer and was shooting 40 weddings in her second year as a photographer!

I mean HOLY MOLY! 40 weddings in a year!? What a crazy inspiration!

So she's on CreativeLIVE sharing her story. her insight. her expertise. and shooting a wedding LIVE tomorrow afternoon. Again, HOLY MOLY!

During yesterday's class, J* was talking about branding and using all of our social media and blogging as an extension of our brand. She said that we should use blogging as a place to connect with potential clients. That they should feel like they know us, and I agree.

I used to blog about everything. What I was feeling. How my relationships were doing. If I was happy, sad. Blogging was my escape from reality, while coping with reality at the same time. It was the same for her and she used that to her advantage - people felt like they knew her, so it was easy for them to contact her and trust her with their big day. "KIR" she said, "Keep It REAL!" So I've decided to try. Try to blog with continuity. Blog for myself. Blog for my business. I hope you'll join me.

Here are a couple links to the CreativeLIVE courses -
B&H Insights


don said...

I just looked through all the shots of the children and came away very impressed with your vastly improved "seeing." You've captured some wonderful moments that I'm sure parents will love. It was great to see your posts again.

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thanks, Don! Happy to see you're still following,I always have loved your feedback!