Friday, October 8, 2010

Lee Denim Day Gala for Breast Cancer Awareness

I'm super excited this morning because I will be participating in my first charity gala and the cause is near and dear to my heart - Breast Cancer Awareness.

In 2006, my sister,Hope, started promoting Lee Denim Day for Breast Cancer Awareness at Robert Bosch Corp. The Idea was that if one were to donate $5 to the cause they could wear jeans to work on the second Friday of October(Breast Cancer Awareness Month). Over the years, the event has grown to include a full week of activities, raffles, ect.

This year, I decided to get involved with my freelancing company, H|Photography. Many companies have donated gifts and services over the years to help promote the cause, over the years, but this year it was especially hard to find sponsors. As I talked to Hope about the event this year, and her troubles finding donations, I decided that as a business owner/ photographer, I had something to give. Not only am I going to Bosch today to support my sister's lunch gala while photographing the event, I am also raffling off a one hour portrait session in their Grand Prize Raffle!

Their theme this year is the idea that Breast Cancer affects, not only the carrier, but those they love as well. Having lost my mother in 2005 to Breast Cancer,I have first hand experience of this. Being a pastor and a missionary, my mother's death affected many across the nation and even across the world.

Someone in one of my classes, naively, stated "if I had to get cancer, I would wanna get breast cancer, because it's one of the easier cancers." Let me tell you right now, if she had sat down and thought about it, I'm sure she could have thought of several friends who have been affected by breast cancer and all of them would have told her, "There is no "Easy" cancer." Thank God for people like my sister who are willing to take time out of their busy lives to raise that awareness.

It's not just about wearing pink ribbons, lighting the skyline pink, and walking in a 5k race, it's about telling people that while it's not an easy fight, we can beat it.

So, today is Oct 8, and I am Photographing for a cause. Please take just a minute out of your day and Visit my sister's Lee Denim Day Team Page and think about donating to the cause, too! Breast Cancer never effects only one, help us find a cure.

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