Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ami+Neal - Indianapolis Wedding

Ami and Neal's wedding was amazing! Not only was it my first Indian wedding, ever, but I had the honor of shooting for Jessica Strickland Photography. This experience cannot be matched. It was my first time third shooting I had the most awesome time! Jessica and Erika, thanks for letting me hang out! It was a blast! And, Ami and Neal, you are an amazing couple! Thank you for the honor of being a part of your big day!

While the events had been going on all day, first on my agenda was the Baraat, or the groom's processional entrance. All of the groom's family led him to the ceremony while singing and dancing- it was really a site to see!

Of course, with Jessica catching the most important moments, I took on the role of capturing the children of the group and some overall ambiance.

Then it was on to the ceremony -

And was it a Ceremony! It even included ICE CREAM!

After the ceremony, Erika and I headed up to the Panoramic Ballroom to catch cocktail hour : It had amazing views of Indy

and the guests were so cheerful and talkative! It was great!

Such a gorgeous couple, are they not!?

So, since it had been a long time since I had posted a good, picture filled, blog, I decided to make this one nice and hearty! Plus, there were so many images from this wedding it was hard to choose my favorites! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it!

To see Jessica Strickland's Shots from this wedding, visit her blog here : Jessica Strickland Photography : Ami+Neal


Otto K. said...

it does seem like a festive, joyous affair. glad that you had the opportunity.

Jessica Strickland said...

Awesome shots, Hadassah!!! You were SUCH a terrific help and we loved getting to spend the day with you!!! Thank you sooo much for your help and the great images you contributed to this event!! :) xo!