Saturday, December 11, 2010

Artist Statement - Rough Draft - Feedback??

Artist Statement:

I have always been interested in light; the colors it creates and shadows it casts. This project, 6:40, is based on light; specifically, the light that wakes us up in the morning. The images shows the effect sunlight has when it pokes through the clouds and above buildings, while dancing beams in soft pastel blues and blazon reds. It shows a journey of the moment 6:40AM exactly, over the course of November. As the days pass, light subtly changes; leaves fall from the trees; interior yellows fade to blue; cold shadows turn warm. So does life go on, not a moment more or less, still so much goes unnoticed.

The sand of life is ever running through our fingers, it is up to us to stop and savor it.


What I'm wondering is what type of picture this paints in your minds? If I am getting the point across, or not?

The project is very conceptual, and scientific, but I don't want to get into so much detail about the scientific portion that viewers get lost in the concept and forget to SEE. Yet, I am torn on writing specific details and more conceptual prose. Maybe I should interject myself more "I did this or that" or "I learned this or that."

Please let me know what your opinion and any pointers you may have. Thanks.

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