Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revamp and Re-Release: Lisa and Ivan

This week I realized that one of my wedding couples just had their 1st year anniversary! Shout out to Lisa and Ivan Felty, Happy Anniversary! So I decided to try something new. I don't usually go back and re-edit images, because I feel like they mark a certain period in my life. Well, I decided that this particular set of images, Lisa and Ivan's wedding, had really been done a disservice, because, as a student, I was not exactly an expert editor at the time of their wedding.

So many things have changed since January 1st of 2009, one major thing being the release of Lightroom3 - my Godsend. Lisa and Ivan's wedding was set in low light, a beautiful characteristic for a romantic ambiance, but not exactly a budding wedding photographer's best friend. I left the wedding with some great images, many of which suffered from high ISO noise. I edited the best I could, but I have to say that my editing was pretty lack luster with the lowly tools Lightroom 2.6 offered. So I decided to give their images a second look, after all, Lightroom 3 has an awesome noise reduction tool, built right in!

This weekend I've been putting in long hours to revamp these images, and I must say, they are so much clearer, cleaner, sharper, 100% better color corrected... I could go ON and ON... Let's just say, "Thank God for Advanced Color and Digital 2 at Columbia! " I have "digital chops" as my Dig2 professor, Peter Thompson, would say. :) Man, even after the boot camp he put us through, I still think he's one AWESOME teacher for all the wisdom he imparted to us this semester. *Thanks, Peter!*

Now that I have rambled on, here some of the new photos:

Can you see the difference between the photos above and the photos posted on H|Photography's Facebook page?

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Anonymous said...

Hadassah, wow the clarity is 100 percent better...I love them.. thanks Lisa F.