Thursday, March 24, 2011

Favorite Things : Evernote

 These are a few of my Favorite things : Evernote

My Evernote Dock
Evernote gets me through so many binds. I can't imagine my life without it. Long gone are the days of random Word files floating around on my desktop. Now, I just create a new note from scratch, a screen capture, a copy and paste, or a ink note doodle and I can keep track of all my ideas, assignments, class notes, and inspirations.
My Favorite Feature(s): all of the source info is recorded when I copy and paste, which is AMAZING when using Evernote to do research for a paper, or project! Oh! Everything is synced up with Evernote's online server too, so when I need to access my "notebooks" everything is all in one place. Through their website, the dock, or the app on my android phone, I always have my notes with me! Ah! I love it!

I totally created an AWESOME(ly long) study guide on Evernote on my PC, synced up, and carried it around on my phone studying in every spare minute!

Another Favorite? I did say "few" but this post is pretty wordy already. There is something new that keeps me inspired, but I'll share that one another time ;)

SO What about you? Do you have any favorites to share? I'd love to hear about the things that make your life easier! Maybe they'll help me too!?

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