Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've been really inspired by vintage objects lately. As I had mentioned earlier in the semester, I would really love to do my Studio2 final on a vintage theme. So, I've really been paying attention to what runs across my Facebook and Twitter feeds - all that's vintage, or even just creative is really standing out!

Here are somethings that have caught my eye lately -


The "Flapper"esque cap on the left is one of my favorites, both for the cap and the photo, Love!

Love the micro tulle veils! They remind me of my mothers wedding, I would really love to have brides whose style was like this! And I would find so many uses for these veils as props fo various photoshoots! I also really enjoy the innocence of the poses - young brides!

Twigs and Honey
I really enjoy that even the poses and styling complement the hair pretties.
( Photography by Elizabeth Messina)

Below: some bridal hair clips. I really love the dupioni silk roses, which almost seem re-purposed, and the combination with the feathers and the birdcage veil. These are my favorites on the BRYDFERTH site.

(Love the idea to photograph with books as a background!)

Here's a slightly more affordable version, no modeled shots though, which is unfortunate. Also, unfortunate that it's black, because I'm more into the creams and blush colors for vintage.


These are some shots which I just thought were very angelic and dreamy. I love the hair piece which looks like it's made of some sheer fabric, lace and pearls - Classic!

Green Wedding Shoes
(White Swan inspired shoot. Photography by Jessica Claire(but of course!))

So, there it is - a growing love for all things vintage, dreamy, soft and innocent.


Brittany Nattier said...

I absolutely love this idea and these photographs!! DO IT!!

Hadassah Intisar said...

I so want to! I just have to find some inexpensive pretties to shoot! Do you have any ideas/suggest on where to find them?? Let me know if you do!