Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corrao Family

So, blog friends, remember when I talked about Lee Denim Day? The fundraiser which allows employees to wear jeans to work after donating $5 to breast cancer research... In that post, I also mentioned that I was raffling off an hour photo session for one lucky giver. Well, that lucky giver was none other than John Corrao, a friend who has been really supportive of my photography career since the beginning - how fitting! I was really astonished that of all the names, his was chosen, but I was really excited as well, because he has a really adorable little girl, Annaliese, who I was eager to photograph and, at that time, his wife, Lisa, was pregnant with twins!

After winning, John decided to hold off scheduling a date until their twins were born and due to various sicknesses from this looong winter Chicago afforded us, we finally scheduled! I was so excited to meet all three little ones, who I had only seen pictures of thus far. Oh my, it was definitely worth the wait! The twins, Josie and JT, are some of the most adorable little peanuts! And Analiese is just the biggest little helper! As we got used to eachother, we learned that JT really dislikes the hearing the shutter click of the camera, but his older sisters like to ham it up! All in all, we had a really great time, and I am just going to stop rambling and let you see that!

Thanks again, Corraos, for a lovely Saturday morning!! (and the coffee and Boston creme doughnuts, too! Yummy!)


Hadassah Intisar said...

I think my personal favorite is that black and white shot of John sympathising with little, unhappy, JT! Look a their faces! Spitting image! Isn't he? :)

don said...

This is such a fine series on this family. They are fortunate to have your experienced eye to see and take their pictures. It was fun to have you show up in my comments, Hadassah. Following your career thus far has been an interesting and surprisingly quick experience. My best wishes are with you as to move on into the future!