Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yet ANOTHER project

In one of my summer classes - History of the American Working Class - we are making a music video to benefit the Congress Hotel maids who have been striking for almost 8 years because they are making little over $8 as non-union workers, while the union maids at other hotels are making almost $15. Quite an injustice!

We are using all of our talents to Produce, direct, film, photograph, and publicize this music video, and when it is finished, we will be sending it to the president.

To quote my teacher, we are making history!

Here are a couple behind the scenes photos which I took when our class went to the Congress to talk with the strikers and learn more about them. Eventually, I will post the actual video.

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don said...

I like your action is a social matter. It's criminal the way some businesses get away with being nearly inhuman to their workers. Nice street shots. I'll look forward to the video.