Sunday, June 26, 2011

CS Brides

So I'm sure I've mentioned, more than once, that there are things in the works for H|Photography. Lots of things... One of which, was Elise Hofer, Editor of Chicago Social Brides, contacting me weeks ago about using one of my images in their Fall/Winter Issue. The photo would supplement an article about Kitchen Chicago. They thought my images, from the Oprah Bride Tasting with Pure Kitchen Catering, showed off the space rather well. Well, I've been published!! I am a newcomer at such things and I am very excited!! As I'm sure you can tell by the many, many, exclamation points... :) Anyway, below is a screen capture of the article, but if you visit CSBrides and flip to page 96 you can read the full article.

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don said...

I looked up page 96 and took a look! Nice interior shot and good recognition for an up-and-coming photographer! Nice going, Hadassah.