Friday, August 5, 2011

Josie + JT | Baptism

The day of Josie and JT's Baptism was a a scorcher! They were troopers though, calm and cool through it all. It was an honor, and pleasure, to be part of such an important day for the Corrao Family.

While photographing the actual baptism ceremony, I found myself paying more attention than usual to the artistic quality of my photos. John has been one of my supporters from the very beginning of my career and he is always telling me to just do what I do, and not to hold back on creativity. So I found it really easy to let go of the pressures of photographing something so important and just take photos from my point of view.

 Of course, I made sure to get the essentials first!

You probably remember Josie and JT from this post, when I photographed them at home with their family. They have grown quite a bit and they're still just as adorable!

After the baptism we headed back to the Corrao house to have a little party and get some photos with the extended family and friends.

John told me that he really wanted a full family portrait. He explained that his famliy had not had ANY photos of all of them since childhood! Of course, having them all together, we just HAD to capture a bit of Corrao family history, right?! Absolutely! and I love that I was able to meet that need for them.
Although, we didn't get little Analiese in there, I did get quite a few of her content with the hose, filling the pool! Hopefully, there well be another chance to get another full family photo, soon!

Oh, and let's not forget the best part of the day - CAKE! Heehee - just kidding! But, for reals, that cake was, quite possibly, the best I've ever had!

Thank you again, Corraos, for everything - especially, sticking it out the scorching heat! You guys are awesome!

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