Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Up-in-coming photographers: Charity and Faith

My twin sisters have recently been my little apprentices. They really do pretty well, for 6yr olds, and I enjoy teaching them. They really retain everything I tell them, and remind eachother when one forgets. Charity does a lot of abstract and Faith has done a few portraits.

Here is one from each of them:
~Flour for our snowballs


Funny, that's Charity>


Don said...

I enjoyed seeing Faith and Charity's photographic work. Charity's pattern shot is so much better as shot than if all had been shown. Fine composition
Faith...I like the nice smile and position of Charity's body that you caught. Nice timing.

My Marrakech said...

She's not only talented but so pretty. Love the haircut - so stylish.

Intisar said...

I have to show each of them these comments. They will be picture crazy for weeks after this... Lol