Friday, May 11, 2007

Why I blog?

Today's post at The Morocco Report,a blog that I read daily, prompted me to think about why I blog.


I don't really talk much, at least not outside of an internet setting. I'm not even so positive as to why. It could be because I am not always sure of myself or what I have to say, or that I don't feel like anyone is listening, or that I feel I'm misunderstood or even that I feel I need more attention than I currently get.

I feel mostly like if I blog that those people who read my writing are the ones who choose to read it, they don't have to, but they sit down look at my pictures and read/listen to what I have to say. So I guess you could say it's my safe way to talk, my way of guaging who really wants to hear me out.

I also feel like I can more freely express my opinions in blog form. Maybe because I fear confrontation and avoid it like the plague, and it's so much easier to be confronted in type than when that confrontation has a voice full of emotion and stern expression on it's face.
I think most of all, I just prefer not to be wrong, and if I'm not sure that I'm right, I just don't say anything out of fear of embarrassment.

So I think this mentality forces me to know my stuff and may be the reason I refuse to get bad grades- although refusing to do the work for fear of bad grades is a whole other thing.

So, that's why I write as opposed to only posting photos in my photoblog. It's my way of telling my side of the story, of expressing my thoughts, and making up for the lack of talking elsewhere, at least that's why I think I blog - there may be total other psychological reasons but that is what makes sense to me.


StefanieTengler said...

Sounds totally understandable to me! You know another reason? hehehe It is kind of building our own history. I mean, if you dont delete it never than it is like a wonderful book for those after us. :S Weird thoughts I have. lol

Intern said...

writing is always something fascinating. I'm glad you write .... I find writing very satisfying ... and yes years later you would love what you wrote once-upon-a-time ...

and nice shot here.

taamarbuuta said...

Great post :)

Don said...

I like the sunlight filtering down through the lilacs.
Writing is one of the few ways we have of recording our thoughts. Always keep your writing...the farther you go, the more you'll find those past thoughts interesting... even helpful. Blogging is good because it's affirming and doesn't ridicule my starts, and stops, and many times I have to acknowlege "oh oh I screwed up!" :-)

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thank you all so much for your encouragement. I really needed it.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

How interesting that you don't talk so much off the internet. I have heard very chatty bloggers say the same thing. It seems a very safe space - in your own way and your own time.

I feel that blogging has become such a part of who I am now. I would be so sad without it.

madnilk said...

what to say..

hurm, i never despise people, why? That because i hate when people do the same.

same to you when i first come in, honestly. research told that every day millions of people starting new blogs.

sometimes i just wondering what the hack they trying to do, mingling with the blogger community?

I'm very great full that i found your blog out of no where around blogspot, really!!

what more i can demand, great picture with great art of writing...

p/s: despise are bad event for animal, really!!