Friday, November 30, 2007

Time Slips Away

September marked three years. She went so shortly before Christmas, adding a tinge of bitterness. This holiday we loved was now bittersweet. The desire to celebrate gone, no decorations but a simple tree. I didn't care, it wasn't right.

No one thought she would really leave, it was just a nightmare, only a dream. She was the light that Christmas brings, the happiness it entails, yet all so abruptly it was gone that year. No one sang the happy cheers, just sorrow and ever since-not the same.

Stories told of loved ones gone to spark sympathy for we who remain, for me still only tears. I pray they never know that pain- reliving the tale o'er again. Like a dagger in the heart, like chills that never stop.

Our only relief, create a fire deep in the marrow with memories never old. Those times of smiles, times of cheer, times she was always near. The way she was and always will, we must remember- the holly berries, the garland and wreaths, the snowflakes and trees, the way she pleased and don't fret, though things change we never forget. Though time slipped by we'll see her yet.

For my sisters and brothers.

3 comments: said...

A fine, heart-felt tribute. One can only think of you and try to share your sorrow.

Hope said...

It's hard to comment on this, because no matter how many times I read it, I can hardly see it through my tears - How beautifully you've captured your love for her and her love for us and the season that brought us together.

TenderGirl said...

Beautiful blog!!!! thanks for such pretty pictures!! merry chrismas