Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

While the emotion of the last post was very sad, I happy to say the emotion today is overwhelmingly pleasing. Actually, I think I'm a little TOO happy.. but oh well..

Today one of my pictures is featured on 'Tis the Season, the holiday photoblog put together by Justin Gaynor (who as most of you know is one of my favorite photographers). I was totally ecstatic when I received his request to be a part (Thanks, Justin!) I'm not only overjoyed by participating but also honored to be a part of something that so many other talented photographers have and will contribute to. So, go over and check it out, and be sure to check back everyday for a different awesome photographer's feature.

Ah! what an awesome way to start the day!!! lol


don said...

You post on Tis The Season was a very nice night shot. Congrats on being included. I'm glad to see you happy about the occasion. Nice work! Slackwater

Intern said...

beautiful shot!!!
Love the warm colors and beautiful composition.