Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let it Snow

We have about 5 or 6 inches of snow here, they're saying we'll get 2-4 more inches tomorrow night, and yes, I'm in love with it ALL. I was thinking yesterday that if you gave me snow, a blanket, proper snow clothes and a camera I'd be set for life. But then I thought about the beach and I was like, wait, I'd want that too.. SO anyway, moral of the story, I love living in Chicago where I can have both.

Now for my real post- hehe :)

I think that I've taken to naming my pictures with titles of songs. I think because I love music and because there are so many great songs out there to sing, to talk about, to name pictures after, to be inspiration. Am I saying that I think it's possible for music/songs/lyrics to inspire photography? Definitely! And really until now, I haven't really thought about it like this, but I've done it often. Like last year, I was listening to Madonna when I was shooting the snow.. and Snow Patrol, and Melanie C.. It seems so weird that I remember that. I also remember driving on the slushy highway in a rental PT cruiser listening to George Clinton and the Funkadelics, and Maroon 5 two yrs ago while wrapping presents(tho that one is a bit of a blurry memory, all I know is that "Sunday Morning" reminds me of Christmas break). And also a shot I've taken to back my theory- Through the Glass, a song by Stone Sour and now title of my latest photo on Deux. The lyrics played through my head while framing this shot. My memories and inspirations are constantly triggered by music. Pretty cool, I think.

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don - slackwater said...

Interesting comment about your preferences. Our snow vanished in a fit of warm weather (up to 54°) but they say winter is on its way back soon! Slackwater

don said...

No new snow here....yet! I hope you are having a great weekend. All the best. don Slackwater

Intern said...

Yes plenty of snow outside ...

I am totally with you about Chicago ... i love snow, I love beaches- in shot Chicago is perfect!