Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Glessner Door

This door was next to impossible to get good pictures of, it's granite exterior was reflecting the light so much that most of my shots had a major amount of absolute white area. Also to me not the most attractive of the houses on Prairie Ave, so I moved on to the Kimball House across the street. Maybe in the spring, I will try shooting this house again. Partial description as copied from the Glessner House Museum website.


In 1885, John and Frances Glessner hired Boston architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Over the next year, he adapted the couple's specifications for gracious living into the stately home that helped redefine American domestic architecture. A radical departure from traditional residential design, Glessner House created a furor among the denizens of its exclusive Prairie Avenue neighborhood, causing George Pullman to proclaim, "I do not know what I have ever done to have that thing staring me in the face every time I go out of my door."

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don said...

It is a strange looking doorway with that 'fan' of stone work overhead. I got a kick out of the comment of the neighbor who thought it was an abomination! :-)
Nice shot!