Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pet Peeve: Non Responses

No, I'm not trying to call anyone out. I know we're all very busy people, but I have noticed that this is becoming a trend with the blog world, lately. I myself have even started getting into the habit of not responding to blog comments. I think a lot of us just get so many comments it's hard to reply to all of them, but how do we counter it?

There are a few blogs I've commented on where I don't even feel welcome. The photographers have a ton of clients and a huge fan base, but I think they only send out a thank you once a year, if that. And on top of it, It's not even remotely personalized so you don't even know if they read your individual comment...

Am I the only person who feels like this?

God Help me if I ever fall prey to this habit in full! and if I haven't responded to your comments here, or at least said hello on your blog in return, please forgive me. I must have just forgotten for a moment how rude it is...
I know that when I get a "thank you" email I'm pretty happy, and usually it makes me want to comment more on their pages. Even if they consistent, I still feel a lot better than not getting acknowledged at all.

Another thing I've fallen habit to is not commenting at all... I think that's the worst fault of all, but sometimes I wonder if the author really wants to know what I think..

Insecurity, is that my problem? or maybe it's laziness. Or, is it that I don't feel it's appreciated.

Whatever it is, please, forgive me - I'm going to try to get better at this(blogging and commenting). With school starting next week I can't promise consistency, BUT I can promise that I'll respond better to comments :)

Thank you for all your continuous support and for listening to me vent - ;)


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Laurie said...

I will explain my feelings on this subject as best I can.

I used to reply to every comment on my site...but now I visit close to 300 photoblogs each week, I know that is an awful lot...and I get about 40-60 comments on every post these days (2 identical blogs different platforms)...So I had to decide between replying to each and every comment, addressing only those with inquiries, or not visit so many photoblogs. I chose to limit my responses and continue to visit the many blogs I so enjoy...all this in addition to running my business and keeping my household...I still have one child still living at home. As well as having a social life...etc. etc. :)

There are blogs I have visited and commented on for years that have never returned or only occasionally returned the "favor", some of whom I know personally, have gone out shooting with, and consider to be friends.

If I depended on replies to all my comments to keep me doing this I would have quit blogging 3 years ago.

I know people appreciate comments and replies but I don't feel the need to have replies or comments left in kind...Out of the over 300 blogs I visit weekly I only get about 100 or so that regularly comment on my photos in the course of a week which is a very respectable amount I realize. I get far fewer that reply to comments I have left...I should also mention that I don't usually have the time to look back for replies to the comments I left most weeks.

I know I have a pretty large audience now...but I've been around for well going on 3 years now.

That is one reason I tell people right on my site that if they really want or need a response from me the best way to do that is to use my "Contact" button or link.

I hope that explains my position and perhaps gives some insight to others.

I should also mention that blogger's comment system makes replying a larger pain that some other platforms...Am3 has a much better system for managing and replying to comments.

So don't take it personally. And don't let it stop you from doing this. :)